Nontechi- Non Technical Founders Rock The Interwebs

Nontechi is a journal of a Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen, a non technical founder.

Nontechi is a notebook about being a non tecnical founder.

Hi, enough of the third person.

My name is Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen. I run Zapreneur , which builds tools for South African small businesses, and has a broader focus on economic equality. Zapreneur has a growing audience and has been an awesome learning experience. The next step is to build an online website/application/portal that lets me do what I love, and for it too be financially sustainable. Still thinking through what this will be, and have started validating ideas.

I have been learning about online publishing for the last five years. I had never published online before that, and learned HTML/ CSS in my early thirties. I have tried various ways to consolidate my learning, and the latest iteration in Nontechi. The basic idea – use a blog to consolidate my learning, organise and  share it.

I have a personal blog that is hardly ever updated,but you can learn more about me there.






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